Your decision to purchase a new home will be one of the most important and exciting you make in your lifetime. However, as any home owner will know, it is also fraught with risk. Before making an offer it is important to be 100% certain that you are making the right decision. That’s why we are here; to help you make that decision with confidence and certainty.

We are renowned for performing thorough and efficient pre purchase house inspections in Newcastle. As part of the process, we will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report that covers the structural viability of the property. This building report will be emailed to you on the same evening.

So what is a pre purchase inspection report? This is basically a document outlining any major and minor defects found during the inspection. Such problems can include anything from major structural defects to leaking plumbing.

We are proud to have helped a large number of people avoid the costly repairs associated with these issues in Newcastle. Our Pre Purchase home inspections exceed the current Australian Standard AS 4349.1 – 2007, “Inspection of buildings – Part1: Pre-purchase inspections – Residential buildings.”

We require only 24 hours’ notice to book you in for a pre purchase inspection. And most inspections can be completed within 48 hours.


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